10 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate in 2023

Building a converting landing page is challenging but not impossible. Especially if you follow our 10 time-tested tips to boost Conversion.

10 Tips to Increase  Landing Page Conversion Rate in 2023
Conversion Optimization Tips

The better your landing page, the more paying customers you will get.

Sounds easy. But in reality, it's a huge challenge.

I've roasted 100+ landing pages. The majority of them don't sell. It shouldn't be this way.

That's why I've collected 10 time-tested tips to improve your landing page. Learn how to increase the Conversion Rate in 5 minutes.

Focus on the Value in Headings

Value in the Heading — MakerBox Workbook
Value in the Heading — MakerBox Workbook

Sorry, but visitors don't care about your product features. Moreover, they don't have time to read every sentence you've written.

That's why you need to highlight the value in the headings. It's more likely that people will read them and understand your offer better.

Make your copy skimmable and more users will experience an A-ha moment.

Have More Product Visuals

Product Video — MakerBox Roasting
Product Video — MakerBox Roasting

Show, don't tell.

This is my go-to copywriting copy for all Founders.

If you can record a video, create a GIF, or screenshot your product — do it. It's more effective than just describing your product with words.

Product visuals make users desire your product. The copy persuades them to give it a try.

Amplify the Problem

Problem Amplification — MakerBox Roasting
Problem Amplification — MakerBox Roasting

Only 5% of your users know they need to solve the problem. Others don't view it as a priority.

You can change it by making your users suffer (a little bit). Highlight the negative consequences of the problem. It will nudge them to look for solutions.

But don't blame users. Nobody wants to feel stupid.

Compare Yourself to Other Solutions

Comparison with Competitors — MakerBox Tools
Comparison with Competitors — MakerBox Tools

First-time Founders often say that there is no competition for their product. It's not true.

People already solve the problem. Show users how exactly you are better than current solutions.

Don't be afraid of competitors. Instead, use them to boost your value proposition.

Answer Tough Questions

Answering Tough Questions — MakerBox Frameworks
Answering Tough Questions — MakerBox Frameworks

Love it or hate it, your users have objections about using your product.

You can either ignore them and lose users or handle them and enjoy paying customers.

Be transparent about your product. Your users will value it.

Add a Personal Touch

Personal Touch — MakerBox Tools
Personal Touch — MakerBox Tools

People trust people more. Your users are not the exception.

Telling about yourself is a quick win to getting more trust.

Especially if you answer the question "Why am I building this product?".

Simplify the Next Step

Easy CTA — MakerBox Tools
Easy CTA — MakerBox Tools

If you are not a big brand, you can't ask people to pay $2000 upfront.

Instead, ask them to do something for free: start a trial, subscribe to the free plan, or book a demo.

It will be easier to upsell them later.

Remove Animations

Animations were cool in 2000. But now they just distract users.

Ensure that users can scroll to the bottom of the landing page without waiting for the animations.

Leave animations to PowerPoint presentations.

Go Beyond Testimonials

Additional Social Proof — MakerBox Frameworks
Additional Social Proof — MakerBox Frameworks

Testimonials are great. But it can't be your only source of social proof.

Get press, add awards, highlight user statistics, add reviews from opinion leaders, and showcase your customers.

Nobody has ever said "That's too much social proof".

Write Less Text

I know that you have a lot to say. I have the same problem.

But in reality — your users don't need to know about every feature and nuance.

Don't overwhelm your users. Instead, save their time focusing on the critical information.


Crafting a converting landing page shouldn't feel like painting a masterpiece.

Follow these time-tested tips and build a landing page that sells.

But before changing anything, you need to understand what's working and what should be improved. Or you risk losing 99% of website visitors.