15 Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas for Solopreneurs in 2023

Boost your marketing creativity with our 15 unconventional ideas. Acquire, activate, and convert more users in 2023.

15 Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas for Solopreneurs in 2023
15 Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas for Solopreneurs in 2023

Got stuck in the marketing?

Been there.

Here are 15 unconventional ideas to solve your problem.

Acquisition ideas

5 Acquisition Ideas for Solopreneurs
5 Acquisition Ideas for Solopreneurs
Get more eye balls on your product

1) Partner with a micro-influencer with <1000 followers
They have an engaged audience that is not tired of ads. Perfect conditions for your low-budget marketing campaign.

2) Partner with a complementary business
For example, if you sell a testimonial tool, partner with a no-code website builder. Let people get two subscriptions with a juicy discount.

3) Buy Google Ads on your competitor's brand name
Very likely, they haven't set up brand ads. You can "steal" a few customers without any hassle.

4) Sell your product for $1 for 24 hours
It won't get you a lot of revenue. But it will generate a massive email list that you can upsell later.

5) Launch an AI-assisted side project
ChatGPT Hype is real. You can still jump on the train with a free product to promote your main offer organically.

Activation ideas

5 Activation Ideas for Solopreneurs
5 Activation Ideas for Solopreneurs
Translate the value of your product better

1) Create a landing page with only one video
Leverage pattern interruption. Don't create an elaborate landing page structure. Instead, record a 15-minute Loom-style video to pitch users.

2) Create a free online course
People love courses. People love free courses even more. Use this information to increase your authority.

3) Encourage to unsubscribe from your email list
Don't hide an unsubscribe button — show it in the first paragraph. Let people know you are okay with it. Trust sells.

4) Create a daily challenge
Help your users with building habits around your product. They will feel more connected — you will enjoy smaller churn.

5) Add easter eggs
Hidden secrets that spark amusement are awesome. Make your products fun. It's the ultimate cheat code to grab customers' attention.

Monetization ideas

5 Monetization Ideas for Solopreneurs
5 Monetization Ideas for Solopreneurs
Get more money

1) Sell merchandise
If you have at least 100 loyal fans, your merchandise will be a huge success. Every tribe needs a unique identity.  

2) Add quarter subscription
Monthly and annual options are great. But sometimes, 3 months is the sweet spot to increase your Conversion Rate.

3) Add affiliate or sponsored links to your product
Don't just get money by selling your product. Get money from selling other's products too.

4) Upsell with personalized help
You can set up an account, have a weekly call, or do 100% of the job. Let people with money pay your more money.

5) Run a lifetime deal sale
If you have a subscription business, sell a lifetime deal once a year. Easy way to increase your total revenue.


There are times when you need to rely on marketing foundations. And there are times when you need to get creative.

An additional way to get unexpected marketing ideas is to use ChatGPT. I have a special prompt just for this use case.