7 Time-Tested Marketing Frameworks for Indie Entrepreneurs

You need a systematic approach to grow your product. Marketing frameworks are here to help. We collected 7 of them for every stage of your product.

7 Time-Tested Marketing Frameworks for Indie Entrepreneurs
7 marketing frameworks for Indie Entrepreneurs

Marketing is hard and tiring. There are positioning, landing page, user acquisition, retention, content marketing, personal brand, funnel, and other aspects.

Where to start and how to deal with it?

The key is to have a systematic approach. Marketing frameworks are here to help. They add clarity and consistency to your ideas.

We collected seven marketing frameworks that will help you at each stage of your startup: from idea to growth.

Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas template
Lean Canvas template

You came up with a startup idea. You’re highly pumped. You already have a logo in mind and want to buy a new domain ASAP.

Stop! Breath in, breath out. Start with the Lean canvas framework to deconstruct your startup idea.

Lean Canvas is a contemporary business plan for startup founders. Define your idea with nine blocks. Stick to the order: go from 1 (problem) to 9 (unfair advantage).

By filling all nine blocks of the framework, you’ll get:

  1. A clear understanding of how this idea will work
  2. List of relative problems to be addressed
Go beyond this framework with our Go-To-Market Strategy guide.

We simplified a marketing strategy for Bootstrapped Founders.

Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas template
Value Proposition Canvas template

You have a clear understanding of how your idea will work. Time to think about your target audience. Especially about customers’ pains, gains, and jobs. Why should people care about your product?

Value Proposition Canvas matches product and customer to ensure you’ve picked the right offer.

By matching your product with customers’ needs, you will get:

  1. Detailed Jobs-To-Be-Done of the product to align everyone on the team
  2. Marketing messaging that is relatable to your target audience

StoryBrand Framework

StoryBrand Framework template
StoryBrand Framework template

Now you understand your customer and know how your idea will work. Let’s add emotions to your brand story to resonate with users. Remember that people love stories!

StoryBrand Framework applies Hero Journey framework to make brand stories more touching. You can use it to upgrade the landing page, write an email or create a product video.

What are the benefits?

  1. More customers become your promoters
  2. Increase conversion rate to desired CTA
Your customer is the key to the StoryBrand Framework.

You need to know them better than they do. Here is how to do it.

Apply the Customer Forces Canvas in your user research interviews.

Find Your Voice on Twitter

Find Your Voice on Twitter template
Find Your Voice on Twitter template

Twitter is one of the essential user acquisition channels for Indie Entrepreneurs. To build your audience and create consistent content, you should treat Twitter like a product.

You need to Find Your Voice. Like every product, a Twitter account needs values, features (big topics), target audience, and value proposition.

Spend 2 hours to find your voice, and you’ll get:

  1. Complex approach to Twitter profile development
  2. Increased conversion from visitor to follower

The Value Ladder

The Value Ladder template
The Value Ladder template

As you describe your main product, consider how to differentiate the offer. Upgrade your pricing strategy with the Value Ladder framework.

Each step of The Value Ladder is one of your offers. Those offers increase in value and price. The purpose is to start with a simple but valuable part of your product and bring a customer to your main offer. And take the most loyal even further.

You don’t have to include all steps for your product. Instead, choose those that have a match.

With this simple framework, you’ll get:

  • Advanced pricing funnel for different kinds of users
  • Increased conversion to purchase

Above the Fold (Hero Block)

Above the Fold framework
Above the Fold framework

A landing page that converts is the key to success. Make an incredible first impression with the Above the Fold framework. Use it to create a new landing page or master an existing one.

Above the Fold framework divide your landing page into the first thing users see and everything else. It helps you to deliver a value proposition without overwhelming users.

Two main benefits of implementing this framework are:

  • A clear understanding of how to craft Hero Block
  • Increased Conversion to sign up
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AARRR Funnel

AARRR Funnel
AARRR Funnel

Always remember that the landing page is not the only thing influencing revenue! To cover all aspects, analyze your AARRR marketing funnel.

AARRR Funnel shows how users behave with your product. It measures the conversion to each step of your product.

With a working marketing funnel, you’ll get:

  • Increased Conversion to purchase
  • Increase in the number of loyal customers


Marketing frameworks bring you clarity on how to solve complex problems.

They are a great starting point. But keep in mind that they are useless without one component — action. Get clarity to solve problems, not for the sake of it.