10 Short Content Marketing Tips for Startup Founders

Content Marketing is the ultimate marketing cheat code for Solopreneurs. Especially if you know these 10 actionable secrets.

10 Short Content Marketing Tips for Startup Founders

It doesn't matter where you create.

Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Medium.

It's all the same content marketing game. And here are 10 actionable principles to level up yours.

Create for one Persona

You either write for a beginner or an advanced user.

They either prefer thought-provoking ideas or real examples.

It's a hard choice. But postponing this decision will make your content ignorable.

Stop educating

There is enough educational content on the Internet.

You can also inspire, empower, and entertain.

And your target audience needs it more than another how-to article.

Pick your style

You are not alone in your audience's phone.

Hundreds of Creators say the same thing and sell the same product. You need to stand out.

Pick one big idea, color, and copywriting style. This is how you get remembered.

Repackage the best content

Your new followers don't know what you said 1 month ago.

Your old followers don't remember what you said 3 months ago.

Don't abandon your best content. Give it a second life.

Be opinionated

Nobody needs another neutral listicle.

Stand for something. Pick one "red pill" idea and repeat it over and over again.

Sure, you will lose some followers. But others will know you have something to say.

Pick either Viralilty or SEO

There are only two distribution strategies:

  • You write something so good people share it constantly
  • You write something so optimized Google gives you all the traffic

You can't get both at the same time.

Reduce introduction

Your audience is here to read your content, not your introduction.

Reduce distractions. Focus on the value.

Sell your content organically

Every line of your content must sell your product.

CTA in the last paragraph is nice. But only 1% of your audience will engage with it.

Don't create content to get likes. Create content to get sales.

Convert attention to email

Attention is not constant.

Your followers forget about your tweet as soon they see a new one. You can't build a profitable business in these conditions.

Solution? Grow your email list.

Leverage Pattern Interruption

I've read dozens of articles about target audience research.

Nobody can surprise me with a new tactic. It's always the same 5 steps.

I've read zero articles about the drawbacks of listening to your target audience.

It's risky. As with any pattern interruption.


Content Marketing is a perfect channel for Solopreneurs.

You only need to create content worth consuming, distribute it well, and enjoy organic sales. It's not easy, but it's 100% doable.