50 Free Startup Resources for Solopreneurs in 2023

Learning new skills is crucial for Indie Entrepreneurs. Use these 50 free resources to learn anything on the Internet for Free.

50 Free Startup Resources for Solopreneurs in 2023
50 Free Startup Resources for Solopreneurs in 2023

Solopreneurs are busy people.

They have a business run. And learning new skills is critical to its success.

That's why we collected 50 fantastic resources for them. Each one is 100% Free.

Get ready to bookmark Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter Creators, Newsletters, and YouTube channels.

Blogs ⚡️

1) Demand Curve

Breakdown of the strategies fast-growing startups use.

2) Animalz

Strategy and tactics to supercharge your content marketing.

3) Reforge

Growth 201.

4) Ahrefs

Detailed tutorials on SEO and Marketing.

Ahrefs Blog
Ahrefs Blog

5) Nick Kolenda

In-depth guides about marketing and psychology.

6) First Round Review

Actionable essays for Startup Founders.

7) GoPractice

Essays about product-led growth.

8) Product Hunt

Stories from Makers.

9) Growth Design

Product tips in a comic book format you’ll love.

Growth Design Blog
Growth Design Blog

10) MakerBox Blog

Actionable marketing playbooks for Indie Entrepreneurs.

Podcasts 🎧

1) My First Million

Your weekly dose of business opportunities.

2) Indie Bites

How to generate and validate ideas for your indie business.

3) The Nathan Barry Show

Interview with the best digital Creators.

4) Indie Life

Discussions about the good, bad and ugly side of indie hacking.

Indie Life Podcast
Indie Life Podcast

5) The Bootstrapped Founder

Audience building in public.

6) Tim Ferriss Show

Productivity boost for Entrepreneurs.

7) Zero to (point) One

Stories about getting the first traction.

Zero to (point) One Podcast
Zero to (point) One Podcast

8) Indie Hackers

A podcast about Indie Hackers by Indie Hackers.

9) Confessions of a B2B Marketer

Deconstruction B2B.

10) Default alive

The reality of bootstrapping a business.

Twitter Creators 🐦

1) Ali - The CFO

Simplifying Accounting and Finance for your business.

2) Aadit Sheth

Audience growth, marketing, and internet businesses.

3) Wes Kao

Spiky opinions about business, marketing, and education.

4) Tibo

Learnings from building TweetHunter and Taplio.

5) Chris Hladczuk

Tools and tactics to help startup builders win

Chris Hladczuk on Twitter
Chris Hladczuk on Twitter

6) Amanda Natividad

Content marketing pro.

7) Kevon Cheung

Learn to build in public.

8) Dickie Bush

Level up your copywriting skills.

9) Ross Simmonds

Marketing for SaaS.

10) Erica Schneider

Audience building that generates money.

Erica Schneider on Twitter
Erica Schneider on Twitter

Newsletters 💌

1) Ariyh

Research-based 3-minute practical insights.

2) Marketing Examples

Great visuals that make marketing easy.

Marketing Examples Newsletter
Marketing Examples Newsletter

3) Lenny Rachitsky

Everything about growth.

4) Zero to Marketing

Marketing case studies.

5) Saturday Solopreneur

The Bible of Solopreneurs.

6) Founder OS

Growth tips for your business.

Founder OS Newsletter
Founder OS Newsletter

7) For The Interested

Guides for Creative Entrepreneurs.

8) No-Code Exits

Interviews with No-Code Entrepreneurs who made it.

9) Jakob Greenfeld

Fresh ideas for Indie Makers.

10) Why We Buy

Customer psychology but fun.

YouTube Channels 📺

1) Alex Hormozi

Battle-tested tips for Entrepreneurs.

2) Where It Happens

Interviews with Internet legends.

3) Y Combinator

Advice from the top-1% startup experts.

4) Flux Academy

Everything you need to know about design.

Flux Academy YouTube Channel
Flux Academy YouTube Channel

5) Simon Høiberg

Tips for SaaS Founders.

6) Adam Erhart

Top-notch marketing insights.

7) Ali Abdaa

Productivity tips for Creators.

8) Noah Kagan

Must-see for aspiring Entrepreneurs.

9) Aurelius Tjin

Productivity and digital marketing.

10) TK Kader

Grow your SaaS faster.

TK Kader YouTube Channel
TK Kader YouTube Channel


There are tons of hidden gems for Startup Founders.

It's crazy that you can learn any skill online for free. You just need to pick the right resources and consistently put in the effort.

Your startup will thank us later.