Ultimate Landing Page Checklist for Indie Entrepreneurs

40 questions to boost the conversion rate of your landing page. Level up your landing page to get more paying customers. Free & No email required

Landing Page Checklist Preview
Landing Page Checklist Preview

Crafting a converting landing page is tricky.

But it doesn’t have to be. You only need to master seven ideas.

Here is my framework to get you more paying customers.

  • Hero Block — What is your value proposition in 30 seconds?
  • Problem Agitation — Why should customers care about your product?
  • Clear Solution — How does your product solve the problem?
  • Social Proof — Why should customers trust your product?
  • Desired Action — What is the Call-to-Action for users?
  • Engaging Storytelling — Why are you building this product?
  • User Experience — Is it pleasant to engage with your landing page?

Hero Block

MakerBox Tools — Hero Block
MakerBox Tools — Hero Block
  • Your Hero Block has Heading 1, Product Description, Product visual, Call-to-Action, and Social Proof
  • Heading 1 contains a clear value proposition to users
  • Heading 1 includes both rational and emotional value
  • Product Description explain your product without buzz-words in plain language
  • Product Description reinforces value proposition from Heading 1
  • You have a stunning Product Visual that illustrates how your product works
  • A Product Visual is a GIF or a Video (with subtitles)
  • You have one clear Call-to-Action that is aligned with Heading 1
  • You have minimal Social Proof in Hero Block
  • Hero Block is precisely one screen on desktop and mobile

Problem Agitation

MakerBox Tools — Problem Agitation
MakerBox Tools — Problem Agitation
  • You mentioned the problem your product is solving 2-3 times on the landing page
  • The problem your product is solving is described in 1 sentence
  • You highlighted negative consequences if a user wouldn’t solve this problem
  • Your user testimonials mention the problem your product is solving

Clear Solution

MakerBox Tools — Clear Solution
MakerBox Tools — Clear Solution
  • You repeat your value proposition from Hero Block 2-3 times on the landing page
  • You describe how your product works in steps with clear visuals
  • Your mention 3-4 popular features that users care about
  • You highlight use cases that your product cover
  • You tackle objections to using your product
  • You have a FAQ block for curious users

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Social Proof

MakerBox Tools — Social Proof
MakerBox Tools — Social Proof
  • You have at least four of these social proof options
     <> Testimonials
     <> Case studies
     <> Brand logos
     <> Press coverage
     <> User statistics
     <> User rating
     <> Awards
  • Social proof reinforces your value proposition
  • You highlight critical points in testimonials
  • Your testimonials have pictures of people and their occupation
  • Your testimonials are evenly distributed on the landing page

Desired Action

MakerBox Tools — Desired Action
MakerBox Tools — Desired Action
  • You have multiple CTA buttons on the landing page
  • You have pricing information on the landing page
  • Your offer nudges users to act right now
    <> Free trial
    <> Free plan
    <> Discount on the paid plan
    <> Limited bonus
  • Your landing page has only one CTA
  • There are company contacts to ask questions

Engaging Storytelling

MakerBox Tools — Engaging Storytelling
MakerBox Tools — Engaging Storytelling
  • Users could understand your landing page by reading headings
  • You describe a compelling reason for building your product
  • You define your product’s nemesis (problem, competitor, industry)
  • You make a user feel like a Hero of the story
  • You have information about the team behind the product
  • You spotlight your community around the product

User Experience

MakerBox Tools — Readability Test
MakerBox Tools — Readability Test
  • Your landing page is mobile-friendly
  • Your loading speed is great
  • Your text readability is okay
  • Your design contrast is acceptable
  • You don’t have a lot of animations on the landing page
  • Users can scroll your landing page without waiting for animations
  • Your navigation bar doesn’t grab the attention of users
  • The primary user flow is checked from different devices, OS, and browsers


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