Ultimate Startup Launch Checklist for Solopreneurs in 2023

Don't know where to start with launching your startup? Follow this checklist to get more revenue without going crazy. Adapted for Solopreneurs in 2023.

Ultimate Startup Launch Checklist for Solopreneurs in 2023
Ultimate Startup Launch Checklist for Solopreneurs in 2023

We all have been there.

You launch your product into the world. You are already thinking about the interview with Forbes. You expect Stripe support to question the number of sales in one day.

And then nothing happens. To be specific, the launch tweet gets two likes and zero sales. Whoops.

Solopreneurs deserve a better system. That's why we created this ultimate checklist for launching a new product. Use it to get more sales on your Day X.

Go-To-Market Strategy 🎯

Ideally, you found this article a few months before the launch. This way, you will have time to define your go-to-market strategy and understand how exactly you will get first paying customers.

Warm-up 🔥

You can't just launch your product. Because your audience doesn't even know you planned to do it. That's why you need to warm up your potential customers.

Offer Reinforcement 💸

The launch is soon. And improving your sales offer is the key to getting more sales. Here is how to do it.

Day X 🚀

Time to show the world your product. Solopreneurs usually launch on Twitter or Twitter and Product Hunt at the same time. Let's cover the second option.

  • You prepared all content and visuals for the Product Hunt page
  • You created a welcome email sequence for new users
  • You wrote an engaging launch tweet that grabs the attention
  • You asked 20-30 people to support your launch tweet in advance
  • You wrote a concise email for your waitlist users
  • You launched your startup (yay!)
  • You engaged with all comments on Product Hunt to get more traction
  • You asked to support you on Product Hunt on different platforms
     <> Indie Hackers
     <> Facebook Groups
     <> LinkedIn Groups
     <> Slack communities
     <> Discord communities
  • You celebrated your #1 Product of the Day win

Post-launch Marketing 📈

Unfortunately, launch traffic will be over in one week. You need to keep the flame burning. Good news — there are a lot of ways to do it.

  • You submit your website to Google Search Console to start getting SEO traffic
  • You improved your product and sales offer based on the feedback from the launch
  • You posted your startup on Product Hunt alternatives (Betalist, 10words, etc.)
  • You posted your startup on HackerNews
  • You posted your startup on relevant subreddits (r/internetisbeautiful, r/SaaS, etc.)
  • You picked 1-2 acquisition channels to focus on


Launching a startup sounds terrifying.

But in reality, it's just a set of tasks you need to complete. Some of them take more time, and some of them are quick wins. But all of them should be focused on getting more revenue on Day X.