Ultimate Marketing Audit Checklist for Solopreneurs

Marketing coaches charge you $500 for a marketing audit. Good news — you can do it for free with our 35-question checklist.

Ultimate Marketing Audit Checklist for Solopreneurs
Ultimate Marketing Audit Checklist for Solopreneurs

We've performed dozens of marketing audits for Solopreneurs.

And every time, we ask the same questions.

Not because we are lazy. But because these questions tell us everything we need to know about the new business.

You can do it too. Here is a 35-question checklist that we are currently using.


Start with analyzing how good your offer is.

Marketing Funnel

Check how good you convert the attention to money.

Personal Brand

Audience building is not a choice for Solopreneurs.
  • Do you have a clear personal positioning for yourself?
  • Do you focus on a limited number of content topics to get remembered?
  • Do you have 1-2 algorithmic social media channels (Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn) to gain followers?
  • Do you have a platform (Podcast, YouTube, Newsletter) for long-format content?
  • Do you regularly jump on the podcast or give interviews?
  • Do you consistently promote your product to your followers?


Estimate how effectively you complete marketing tasks,


Two most important questions.
  • Is your business profitable?
  • Do you enjoy doing marketing?

Next steps

  1. Answer all questions with "yes" or "no"
  2. Don't spend time improving "yes" answers
  3. Prioritize areas with the most "no" answers
  4. Pick 3 tasks for your next marketing week and fix it
  5. Repeat until the "Results" block is positive


You don't need a marketing coach to start.

You can do it yourself for free. With only one condition — answer tough questions and be ready to fix broken things.